Japan's First Hybrid Cashless Payment & Employee ID Card App

We coined the term "IDTECH" with the aim of creating a new market and a new era, combining the employee ID card [ID] and FinTech [FINTECH].

KORT VALUTA developed Japan's first hybrid payment employee ID card "TwooCa", which serves multiple functions; various payment types, payroll transfers, investment, and welfare use / settlement.

TwooCa brings together the world's fastest processing technology and blockchain development, which is cultivated all over the world enabling stress-free payment in seconds.

Through TwooCa, KORT VALUTA will cultivate the IDTECH market and contribute to the improvement of social productivity through digitization; in conjunction with the human resource market exceeding 5 trillion yen and the future digital payroll.

TwooCa, a variant of the homonym for "currency" and "passage" in Japanese, will integrate digital currency and payment methods seemlessly into life.
A new path for people and their money
Our services provide a more convenient path for people and their money.
TwooCa is the value of money
Kort Valuta connects "value", "people", and "money" to various payment/transfer systems,
forging new paths that make people happy.