"To inspire global companies by connecting their employees to money."


User benefits include:
Big Savings
Complete Control of the Money
Improved Credit Scores
All of which lead to better finances. Finacial health and stability are strengthened.
A society where those who do the right thing, get rewarded.
Aiming for security, safety, and FUN!


Our corporate name, Kort Valuta, is
a Swedish term meaning "Card Value".
Just like Sweden (the world’s top social welfare system),
where domestic cashless payments are greater than 90%,
the service is aimed for people;
which is our driving force.



Participated in the world's largest Financial Conference Money20/20, which was unknown in Japan during that time.
At Money20/20 held in 2015, I was the first Japanese panelist to take the stage for an hour. The following year, I took the stage as a panelist in 2016 as well.


While attending a seminar for banks and card companies,
hosted by Japan's Unisys company, we introduced the latest overseas fintech, including our Kort Valuta services.
"We strive to be the acknowledged global leader and preferred partner for increasing people’s financial health." Debt and financial instability is increasing every year and the COVID-19 crisis is only making things more challenging.
Our service can ease these burdens for everyone, especially those affected most by these challenging times.
Step 1 is strengthening financial stability, which improves overall money health. We aspire to provide a service that people are thankful for, one that increases quality-of-life.
Card payment alone will not achieve our objectives, we aim to further advance card payment and business system software integration, making it a more seamless experience for the end-user. Our goal is to provide a cost-effective solution that grows to meet the market AND customer needs.
CEO Hideki Shibata


Takuya Fujii
Special Advisor
Takuya Fujii

After working for the Bank of Japan for 30 years, he was appointed as the president of Nippon Credit Bank (currently Aozora Bank) for special public management, and led the sale to Softbank, Tokio Marine, and the Orix Union. After that, he became Chairman of Marsh McLennan Companies Japan and Special Advisor to former UFJ Holdings, and became Chairman of Promontory Financial Japan, Chief Advisor of CPF Group (current position).

Meg Nakamura
Founder, Special Advisor
Meg Nakamura

In 2010, after working at a financial consulting company, she established a venture capital company in San Francisco that specializes in early stage start-ups. The venture has invested in more than 100 start-up companies, mainly settlement and fintech start-ups. After that, she participated in the prestigious entrepreneurship support program "Y Combinator" and established Apto in 2014. In 2015, Apto’s service launched in the US; the UK and EU launch completed in 2019.

Meg Nakamura
Physician, M.D., Japan Medical Association Certified Occupational Physician, Japanese Society of Sleep Research Specialist, and Social Medicine Supervisor
Ryutaro Shirahama

After working at Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Department of Respiratory Physiology and Sleep Medicine, he established RESM Shin-Yokohama Respiratory and Sleep Medical Care Clinic in 2013. He has participated in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s overseas support program to educate doctors in Indonesia and other countries about sleep apnea syndrome, and has engaged in fronteer research on sleep as a visiting researcher at Harvard Medical School & Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health. Currently, he is engaged in research as a specially-appointed associate professor at the Keio Leading-edge Laboratory of Science and Technology. He is also a member of the medical and scientific staff of the Japanese Olympic Committee, a member of the medical and scientific committee of the Nippon Surfing Association, an outside advisor to XEBIO HOLDINGS CO.,LTD and an industrial physician advisor to many companies.


Company name Kort Valuta
Business services Issuing, managing, and operating various payment/employee ID cards
Founded August 2014
Address 153-0051 Tokyo Meguro-ku Kamimeguro 3-6-18 TY Building 5th FLoor
TEL 03-6303-2555
Capital 1,145 million yen (Including capital reserve)
CEO Hideki Shibata
Directors Mitsumaro Akai,  Norihiko Akamatsu,  Kazunari Kono
Takuya Fujii (Former Chairman of Promontry Financial Japan)
Special advisors
Greg Kidd
Meg Nakamura
Corporate Attorney
Mori Hamada & Matsumoto
Anderson Mori & Tomotsune
Professional associations
Japan Payment Service Association
Member of NCB Lab.
Fintech Association of Japan
Japanese Chamber of Commerce in the UK
Japan Metaverse Association
Financial Data Utilizing Association
Authorized Prepaid Payment Instruments for Third-Party Business Issuer.
Fund transfer service registration (preparing for application)


August 2014 RBAJ (Ripple Business Associate of Japan) Founded
December 2014 Ripple Japan License acquisition
June 2015 Joined Nippon Card Business Institute Group
October 2015 Company name changed to Kort Valuta Inc.
November 2015
Invested in Silicon Valley Venture
Shift Financial, Inc
July 2016 Joined the FinTech Association of Japan
October 2018 Joined the Japanese Chamber of Commerce in the UK
January 2020 Joined the Japan Payment Service Association
February 2021 Completed PCI DSS compliance
March 2021 Authorized Prepaid Payment Instruments for Third-Party Business Issuer. Director-General of the Kanto Finance Bureau No. 00743
March 2022 Joined Japan Metaverse Association
Nov 2022 Financial Data Utilizing Association